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    Tracing the Triumphant Trajectory

    Carlos Arturo Bacca Ahumada was born in Puerto Colombia on September 8, 1986. After leaving his home country to sign with Club Brugge, he went through Sevilla FC, AC Milan, and Villarreal CF before joining Granada CF. Currently, he has returned to Junior de Barranquilla, the club of his heart, where he is breaking records as one of the greatest Colombians of all time. He has been a three-time champion of the Europa League and has participated in two World Cups and two Copa América tournaments with the national team.


    His story

    Once upon a time...

    In 1986, in a place in Puerto Colombia, called Barrio Norte, the story of Carlos Bacca, son of Doña Eloisa and Don Gilberto, a fisherman who always wanted a better future for his son, had origin. Since childhood he had passion for playing with the ball, and in his first team as a child, at the Iván Lozano Soccer School, his childhood coach assured `` that until the night fell, Bacca did not leave the field. ''
    In the Simon Bolivar school, which was a child, it was commented that he made paper balls and played with them how ball.
    He ended baccalaureate to follow his studies in a computer repair and maintenance course, which did not end to devote himself to his true passion: football. During that time his family went through hard economic moments, and Bacca had to work as a bus assistant to help them.

    Soon, with 20 years, when he thought that the football doors had been closed, they called him for tests in the Junior Barranquilla team and passed them.
    Patient and persevering, having faith in his conviction to become an important figure in the world of football, he became the first player of the people who play abroad.
    That same strength and perseverance that allowed him in the years 2009, 2010 and 2011 to make 35 goals for Junior Barranquilla.

    Jump to Europe

    His successes in the Brujas

    After obtaining such good results with the Junior, his transfer was confirmed to the Bruges of the First Division of Belgium.
    At the end of the season he was a joker of the 2012/13 Jupiler League with 25 goals and was awarded as the best player of the Belgian First Division season.

    Jump to Liga

    2 UEFA Cups

    with Sevilla

    After the Belgian season ended and being in preseason to face the 2013-14 League on July 9, 2013, the Bruges Club confirms its transfer to Sevilla Fútbol Club of the First Division of Spain.

    Participation in

    2 world championships

    with Colombia

    Carlos Bacca, forward of Seville and the Colombian National Team was chosen as one of the players of the ideal team of the League of Spain, after a great season in his team with which he scored 14 goals in the tournament.

    3RD place in

    American Cup

    Jump to a legendary club

    The Milan in Italian Calcio

    The 2015/16 season ended with 20 goals and 4 assists in 43 games.
    He was runner-up of the Italian Cup 2015-16 losing the final with Juventus for a score of 1-0.In the local championship they were seventh with 57 units and failed to classify European competitions for next season.

    Tour of the League

    With the Villarreal , 4 years

    who led to winning his

    1st UEFA Cup

    3rd in his career

    Carlos Bacca was playing 4 seasons in the Villarreal CF football team (from 2017 to 2021)
    On August 16, 2017 he is presented as the new player of the Villarreal Club of Soccer of the Santander League of Spain
    On May 26, 2021, champion in the UEFA Europa League leaves the UEFA defeating Manchester United by penalties, Bacca began as a starter and left in the second half.


    through Granada

    On July 13, 2021, his signing was made official for Granada C.F
    There he was for a year, until July 13, 2022, when he returned to the Junior of Barranquilla.

    Tour of Junior

    The club of her love

    Here, where he began as a player and left his mark for his goal-scoring ability. The same ability that allowed him to become one of the most important goal scorers in the world of football. In this stage, he surpasses the barrier of 300 goals in professional football and ranks among the top 4 Colombian goal scorers in history.

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